PIE - Programa de Inclusión Energética (Energy Inclusion Program)

PIE - Programa de Inclusión Energética (Energy Inclusion Program)

National project

The Energy Inclusion Program helps low income households to acces clean and renewable energy aswell as improve energy eficiency through education. It also helps communities to organise and design inniciatives to improve the quality and equity of energy consumption. The programme covers other energy needs such as heating, food refrigeration, indoor confort, insulation and electrification in isolated territories. It involves innovative energy planning with stakeholders and communities engagement, which is supported both by private and public institutions.

With a budget between 10 000 and 100 000€, the programme's funding comes from a colaborative effort between public-private funds, aswell as international cooperation. It's efforts are focused mainly on Chile, but the programme also has some projects in Colombia and Peru.

The project started in 2018 and is ongoing.

Main beneficiaries: children, disabled, elderly, energy poor and low-income consumers.

It addresses the topics of: heating and cooling system, communities, covid-19, indoor comfort, insulation, economic crisis, education, electrification, renewable energy, energy access and consumption, energy efficiency, equity and justice, underconsumption and vulnerable consumers.

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