Energy Hardship Expert Panel

Energy Hardship Expert Panel


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has established the panel following a recommendation to government by the independent Electricity Price Review.

This panel will have a key role in advancing the government’s initiatives to alleviate energy hardship, and the five members have been appointed for their specialist knowledge and expertise across a range of areas. The members also have experience working directly with households in or at risk of energy hardship, and collectively have insight into the lived experience of energy hardship, particularly of Maori and Pasifika, disabled people, low-income families and other groups at higher risk.
The panel members are also leaders in their field or community, and as a group have insight into the broader societal issues that contribute to energy hardship.

The panel will also provide impartial, evidence-based expert advice and identify where existing energy hardship initiatives can be improved or better leveraged.
The panel’s work programme will in part be drawn from the Electricity Price Review’s energy hardship findings and the government’s response to its recommendations, and will be refined when the Panel convenes.

The panel members have been appointed until 30 June 2023 and will work alongside the soon-to-be-established Energy Hardship Reference Group that is being set up to provide a forum to share information and encourage coordination across industry, NGOs and government agencies. The panel is consisted of 20 members from academia, community groups, industry and iwi have been selected for the group, along with 6 representatives from government agencies and a regulator

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