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Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges of our time. Many people feel enormous pressure in view of the predicted and already existing extreme weather events. Heat waves, which increase dramatically in Tyrol, further increase the level of suffering. Despite the individual possibilities for action, a feeling of powerlessness sets in. As these problems can only be solved globally, their own actions seem to have no effect at all. Nevertheless, every human being causes greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore part of the global problem and the solution. At the same time, European and global crises such as the war in Ukraine have led to a significant increase in energy costs.

DoppelPlus therefore relies on easy-to-implement behavioural changes that improves people´s quality of life and enable them to make a contribution to society. CO2 footprint can be dramatically reduced and, at the same time, the household budget can be relieved. At the core of DoppelPlus are volunteer climate and energy coaches who work with on-site coaching sessions for households and use so-called starter packages. Volunteers show simple tips and tricks to save money and protect the climate at the same time.

Some concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) of the project include:

  • Number of household coachings: 226
  • Number of new coaches instructed in training courses: 51
  • Workshops for multiplicators: 16 (individuals reached: 300). The workshops are always geared to the target group and the desired subject areas. At all workshops, the possibility of household coachings is made to attention.
  • Energy and money saved / household: 667 kilogram Co2, 2.045 kWh, 205 Euros O14

The project started in 2017 and will be completed in 2024.

Main beneficiaries: energy poor communities, low income people, and others.

It addressed the topics of: climate change, communities, information and awareness, rewnewable energy, consumer needs.

The partners of the project are: Klimabündnis Tirol (Tyrol), Komm!unity (Tyrol), Tirol (Tyrol).

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