Mediation bailleur locataire

Mediation bailleur locataire


A guide ( is intended for all professionals who are wondering about the devices available, at the national level, to help households with modest resources who are having difficulty paying their energy bills or achieving a correct level of thermal comfort in their homes.

It is a practical tool benefitings owners/landlords and tenants, that aims to explain fuel poverty, how the phenomenon manifests itself in households, as well as the various resources that can be mobilized to support them in solving the problem. It presents the key players at national and local levels, as well as the main energy poverty reduction mechanisms that can be mobilised for households:

  • Non-works arrangements (advice and information actions, financial aid for the payment of invoices and unpaid debts, mediation actions and dispute settlement).
  • Support systems for carrying out work (household support approach: technical, legal, financial support).
  • Financial mechanisms allowing the financial closure of works.

Each of these devices is detailed in an action sheet which provides a general presentation of the action, the target audiences, the eligibility criteria, the typical course of implementation, a toolbox and concrete feedback.

  • Lille, France

  • Geographical scale:
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Professionals involved:
  • Type of funding:
    Local funds by In the Metropol Lille, the municipality, the region and the Ministry of energy transition
  • SDGs addressed:

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