Just a Change

Just a Change

National project

Just a Change renovates houses without roofs, windows, and doors. Where there is no hot water, nor electricity; we renovate houses where it’s cold. We renovate houses because we believe the living conditions have a direct impact on reducing poverty and criminality. We renovate homes because it improves the public health and energy efficiency of Portugal. We renovate houses because we know it can be the starting point of a new life. We renovate houses so that everyone has a dignified place to live.
We rebuild lives because we bring volunteers full of joy to people’s homes, we rebuild lives because we give hope to those who no longer had it, we rebuild lives because we mobilize the community to help and recover their neighborhood, we rebuild lives because our home is the most important place in the world, and we all deserve to have one.

Some concrete Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the project include:

  • 337 renovated houses
  • 719 beneficiaries reached
  • 64% of houses with higher energetic level after intervention

This is an ongoing project throughout the year. It benefits low-income and energy-poor consumers as well as the elderly.

The project involves several partners:

  • EDP, the electric company
  • The local municipalities that can support financially and logistically and help to target the houses for intervention
  • Many other private companies who support the structure or make in-kind donations 

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