National project

RETE ASSIST is a national network created to consolidate, strengthen and carry on the work started within the European ASSIST project (H2020 - GA754051). RETE ASSIST aims to include and bridge all those actors (both physical operators as well as private and public bodies) involved in promoting the just energy transition and more specifically in combating energy poverty.

In line with the need for a holistic solution needed to deal with complex and multidimensional problems that embrace aspects ranging from social to technical, Rete ASSIST proposes a multi-level approach based on the ASSIST model building on the role of the HEA (Household Energy Advisor - in Italian called TED - Tutor Energetico Domestico) as defined within the ASSIST project, operator with increased competencies and skills on all issues related to energy poverty. The TED is an operator already active on the ground supporting citizens (within his/hers specific background and working context) with strengthened and integrated skills to be able to provide support on all energy poverty aspects. Thanks to the integrated training and mentoring programme, TEDs are able to inform, guide and advise citizens, in particular vulnerable ones, on their energy consumption with respect to their needs and consumption behaviors. 

To support the operators on the ground, RETE ASSIST:

  • Provides the resources and training material to integrate and strengthen the PE skills of interested actors (operators already active in the field) thus forming the figures of TED.
  • Provides operational and work resources to TEDs for field assistance to people in conditions of energy poverty/vulnerability.
  • Organises networking activities (workshops, working groups, etc.) for the exchange of experiences between TEDs, also promoting continuous training based on peer-to-peer methods.

Building on the remarkable success of the ASSIST Model piloted within the European project, in Italy a non-profit association was born to consolidate and scale the national network of HEAs.

Further to addressing operators on the ground, RETE ASSIST targets also national stakeholders with the aim to facilitate a national network of stakeholders working on the ground on the problem of energy poverty. To reach its objective, RETE ASSIST will coordinate working groups, organise networking events, promote the sharing of best practices and case studies. 

RETE ASSIST will also bridge and promote the flow of information and insight between the operators on the ground (the TEDs) and the stakeholders.

Some of its concrete Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include:

  • Number of frontline workers trained.
  • Number of stakeholders members of the network.
  • Number of energy-poor citizens reached.

The project started in March 2022.

Main beneficiaries: the energy poor and low-income parts of the population, the elderly and frontline workers among others.

The partners of the project are: BANCO DELL'ENERGIA, (non-profit organisation), AISFOR and NEXT ENERGY (private company).

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