MAEM - Mon Appartement Eco-Malin/ My eco-smart apartment

MAEM - Mon Appartement Eco-Malin/ My eco-smart apartment

National project

MAEM ( is a demonstration apartment that circulates through the region to demonstrate good at-home practices for everyone to adopt concerning energy savings, recycling, indoor air quality, etc. Everyone can join and see the apartment. In the end, small equipment is disctributed to the public. The budget for this project is between 100,000 and 1M€. Each operation is organised as follows:

  • Online booking of the MAEM itinerant apartment by the interested party.
  • Lauching reunion with all partners two months prior -Carrying out the animation for three weeks, supervised by the Gammes association (one week to install and take down the apartment, two weeks of activity).
  • The public's feedback is analysed by all partners.
  • Finally, the Occitanie Méditerranée Habitat produces a report and analyses the results.

The project started in 2015 and is still ongoing. It addresses the topics of behaviour, household appliances, information and awareness and equipments.

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