Installation of pv panels by ASTER

Installation of pv panels by ASTER

National project

44 Flemish social housing providers (SHMs) signed the deed of incorporation of the cooperative society ASTER, an initiative of Housing Europe's member, the Association of Flemish Housing Companies (VVH). The SHMs want to actively and structurally contribute to a better climate and combat energy poverty.

With an investment of € 231 million over 4 years:

  • 647,767 solar panels will be installed on 58,433 buildings, representing a production of 207.286 MWh per year.
  • Financing of the investment and selection of the contractors.
  • Installation of the first solar panels took place in the second quarter of 2021.
  • The tenants of some 60,000 social housing units will see their electricity bills fall and the project aims to become a good example of private investment in RES and social impacts.

The project started in 2020 and is ongoing until 2024. 

Main beneficiaries: the energy-poor parts

It addresses the topics of: renewable energy and vulnerable consumers (disabled, students, tenants, public housing inhabitants).

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