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Vermont has one of the most aggressive suites of clean energy goals (EAN, 2020) in the United States. The state has set expectations high: while we have missed the goal of weatherizing 80,000 existing homes by 2020, we continue to strive towards other goals such as zero-energy new construction codes by 2030 and 90% renewable energy for all sectors by 2050 (Vermont DPS, 2016). To accomplish this, Vermont needs a thriving, eager and savvy home performance workforce to deliver results in the thermal sector. The Building Performance Professionals Association of Vermont (BPPA-VT) offers Zero Energy Now in 2020! ( Vermont. Homeowners can participate in a comprehensive energy retrofit program providing weatherization, efficient heating solutions, and solar PV to your home, drastically reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Avoid the burden of researching and hiring separate contractors to perform efficiency upgrades to your household by working with a Zero Energy Now-certified energy contractor (CEC). Your CEC will work with you to design and develop a custom project work scope that applies the optimal combination of weatherization, high-efficiency mechanicals, and renewable energy to achieve the greatest savings at the best potential cost/benefit to you. Through Zero Energy Now, you’ll also learn about current cash incentives and information on special low-cost financing options. In 2015, BPPA-VT secured funding from the state’s largest utility, Green Mountain Power (GMP), to pilot “Zero Energy Now,” a comprehensive, integrated “deep savings” approach that was implemented in the following year. For each participant, the minimum program standards required a 10% reduction in the use of energy (e.g., through weatherization), a 50% reduction in the use of fossil fuels (achieved predominantly through weatherization and heat pumps) and grid electricity4, and that 50% of household energy consumption is met by the use of renewables on-site (also referred to as “10-50-50”). The program utilized available efficiency incentives and tax credits and provided an additional bonus of up to $5,000 per project. Zero Energy Now guarantees its energy savings estimates and its work quality. If customers use more energy during the first year than projected, we will pay the difference. If customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of the work, we’ll fix it. That’s our savings and quality guarantee. Thorough programm as CECs will: • Complete a detailed energy analysis of your home or business • Offer options that combine 1) efficiency upgrades (including air sealing, insulation and heat pumps), 2) renewable heating sources (such as replacing an oil furnace with a wood/pellet system) and 3) solar power. • Manage your project from start to finish. • Help you get available rebates and cash incentives • Work with lenders across the state to find special low-cost financing for your energy saving project.

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    Private funds by Green Mountain Power (GMP)
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