Network of vigilance (Réseau de Vigilance)

Network of vigilance (Réseau de Vigilance)


The Réseau de Vigilance is an informal network to meet, discuss and exchange around various practices related to the right to energy and the right to water.

It is mostly attended by social workers, both from public institutions and the non-profit sector, and to a lesser degree by researchers, employees of regulatory bodies, etc. Meetings are regularly organised once every two months and they mainly consist of exchanges about practices on the ground, strategies deployed by each organisation to address certain systemic issues, debriefings related to recent legislative or regulatory developments, etc.

The measure is a good example of:

  • Local platforms for knowledge exchange easy to set up.
  • Training and presentations that can be useful to enhance the knowledge of social workers, researchers and other participants.
  • Feedback loop for policymakers & (local) administrators.

  • Brussels, Belgium
    Wallonia, Belgium
    Flanders, Belgium

  • Geographical scale:
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Professionals involved:
  • Type of funding:
    Local funds by CPAS Brussels
  • SDGs addressed:

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