Low-Stack Emission Limitattion Programme (co-fiunding replacement of heat sources in individual households)

Low-Stack Emission Limitattion Programme (co-fiunding replacement of heat sources in individual households)


One of the main environmental problems in Poland is air pollution, which is mostly caused by low-stack emissions from individual boiler houses equipped with old and inefficienct coal furnaces. Such heat sources are often used by low-income households, who cannot afford to modernise them, as well as don't have enough energy awareness to understand their individual impact on air quality. Therefore it was necessary to launch support programme that would encourage private households to replace their heat sources by providing financial incentive, combined with wide dissemination campaign.

For many years already the City of Bielsko-Biała is implementing a Low-Stack Emissions Limitation programme, under which the citizens can obtain co-funding for the replacement of old, and inefficient coal-fired boilers with new, more environmentally friendly heat sources: heat pumps, condensing gas and coil-fired boilers, connection to the district heating network. The boilers are being replaced both in single-family and multi-family buildings. At first, 150 boilers were replaced per year, but due to the great interest this year, this number has been increased to 450 boilers. The programme is managed by the municipal Department of Environmental Protection and Energy.

In 2021, modernisation of a heat source under the programme is subsidised up to 80% of the total eligible cost but the amount of the unit subsidy cannot exceed PLN 16,000.00 (approx. 3500 €) in the case of installation of heat pumps and PLN 8,000.00 (approx. 1 800 €) in case of installation of other heat sources authorised under the Programme. The programme addresses a direct need of the residents and benefits the general population, owners/landlords and tenants. It contributes to the alleviation of energy poverty and improvement of local air quality and health conditions. It can be replicated by other cities (in fact since the launch of the Bielsko-Biała's programme several other Polish cities decided to implement similar one).

  • Silesian Voivodeship, Bielsko, Biała, Poland

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    Regional/local funds by the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice.
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