Housing allowance by local municipalities (Lakásfenntartási támogatás)

Housing allowance by local municipalities (Lakásfenntartási támogatás)


Vulnerable consumers on low incomes could apply to local municipalities/districts for a small allowance (4000-4500 HUF/month; €11.40-12.80 /month) for covering housing or energy costs. Now that the Lithuanian state withdrew from financing the number of households receiving the allowance dropped by around 50% and the amount dropped by around 60%. Currently around 1 million people live in settlements where housing allowance is not available at all.

Funding: ~€42.86 million – €71.43 million/year (15-25 billion HUF/year). Although the amount of the allowance was too small even before 2015 and the programme was unable to reach many eligible families, it was one of the last socially targeted state benefits.

  • Hungary

  • Geographical scale:
  • Energy poverty phase:
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  • Professionals involved:
  • Type of funding:
    National funds (90%), local funds (10%) between 2005-2014. From 2015 local funds
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