Fuel Debt - Care & Support

Fuel Debt - Care & Support


When the weather becomes warmer people begin to think less about their energy use and it’s at this time of year when the “winter bill” impact hits. Fuel Debt can cause worry, depression, embarrassment and financial hardship. It isn’t talked about as much as other debts such as loans or credit cards however, in Sunderland 14% of people struggle to adequately heat their homes due to high energy costs and low incomes.

The website informs about available help and support for households that go into arrears for their energy blls. Support from different organisations include:

  • Energy supplier.
  • Grants and trusts.
  • Gentoo fuel debt champions.
  • Gentoo money matters team.
  • National energy action (NEA).
  • Citizens Advice/Step Change/Age UK Sunderland/Mind
  • Affordable warmth government Grants for those eligible (e.g. Warm Homes Fund, Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments)

The website collects FAQs about consumer rights related to fuel debt, useful links and telephone numbers of charities, funds and trusts and energy suppliers.

  • Sunderland, England

  • Geographical scale:
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Professionals involved:
  • Type of funding:
    Private funds by Gentoo (housing association)
  • SDGs addressed:

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