EnergieRevolte - pre-paid Metering App

EnergieRevolte - pre-paid Metering App


The pre-paid offer by EnergierRevolte provides low-income households an easy-to-use way of controlling their electricity costs and thus avoid falling into debt. Via the app, households can keep an overview of their power consumption at any time and compare it over time. In contrast to prevalent billing practice (i.e., monthly fixed advance payments with final accounting at the end of the year), the app enables intrayear transparency of household electricity consumption and thus prevents low income households to accumulate debt. EnergieRevolte is a spin-off of the public utility of the City of Düren (Germany) offering a new service to low-income households and other interested customers. It benefits the general and vulnerable population.

  • Germany

  • Geographical scale:
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Intervention type:
  • Professionals involved:
  • Type of funding:
    Local funds by local Utility of the City of Düren, Germany
  • SDGs addressed:

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