SH - Sustentabilizar Hogares

SH - Sustentabilizar Hogares

National project

The project offers training to a group of local government officials to auditing the sustainability level of a sample of 100 low-income homes, weatherized them and measured impacts and results.

The activities developed include:

  • First step: stakeholders engagement.
  • Second step: Capacity building.
  • Third step: Monthly training followed through WWB’s team in Argentina and around 2-3 visits per year from US weatherizers.
  • Fourth step: Auditing the sustainability level of a sample of 100 low-income homes. After the audits, the retrofits crews weatherized the 100 homes sample. And then again, auditing to measure impacts and results took place.
  • Fifth step: After the results evaluation, the project became a program when the local government decided that every home improvement by the Municipality should adopt the weatherization methodology. In this “Program Stage”, weatherization is about to reach thousands of persons in Bariloche.

The project started in 2016 and is ongoing. It benefits energy advisors, energy poor, low income and national/local authorities. It addresses the topics of: hard to treat homes, health, indoor comfort (thermal comfort, housing quality), insulation, education, quality of dwelling, energy audits, energy efficiency, vulnerable consumers.

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