Fényhozók Alapítvány (LightBringers Foundation)

Fényhozók Alapítvány (LightBringers Foundation)

National project

In the village of Baks and especially its Roma settlement “Mária telep”, the poorest households face difficulties in accessing energy and/or paying bills. The Ligthbringers Foundation aims to transform Baks into a model village of an energy community involving low-income households. The project wishes to develop a distributable and adaptable model targeting lower-middle class families in the region. To reach this goal and tackle energy poverty, the project provides renewable energy solutions to households in need in Baks. The project provides solar panels for households affected by energy poverty that have no access to electricity. The project with a budget of between 5,000 and 10,000 euros allows vulnerable groups to benefit from the energy transition by involving beneficiaries in the community following a model of solidarity.

The activities are developed around two axes: community development and technical assistance. The community building includes forums and recruitment and training of volunteers, field presence, a fundraising campaign, with a structured communication strategy. The technical part includes the development and installation of a solar panel system with an inverter to allow the system to operate with least 2 household electronic devices in addition to lighting. The installation is done by selected and trained volunteers.

The project is an inspiring case of implementing an action in collaboration with the local population that improves the livelihood of vulnerable communities. The main weaknesses faced during the project were related to the small scale of the project, the lack of personnel for smooth management in a timely manner, insufficient funding and the lack of stakeholder involvement.

The project started in 2014 and is ongoing.

Main beneficiaries: children, elderly, energy-poor and segregated Roma communities.

It addressed the topics of: climate change, human rights, communities, renewable energy, rural areas, underconsumption, vulnerable consumers, ethnicity.

The partners of the project: Roma Versitas (civil society organisation), local authority, NGO and university/research centre.

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